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2022 Escapist Artwork Series

Art Direction, Typography, Collage

Trying my hands on the surreal collage techniques, I created a series of three escapist artworks which are 2022 season's greetings named; Vacay Dreams, Best Laid Plans and It's Showtime.

With these, I wanted to explore my Adobe Photoshop skills and also try out a new way to express my creativity.

Scroll down to see the results!

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Very Experimental

vacay dreams_edited.jpg

Vacay Dreams is all about the last minute cancelled travel plans by the end of 2021 and the feeling of just wanting to let loose and jump into a clear lagoon once again. Here I've used pink lemonade as my base drink (representing the lagoon) and miniature people casually enjoying around it.

In this one, I've used sweet pea tea as the base of the composition. It's a subtle nod to Pantone's colour of the year 2022- Very Peri. This artwork talks about the adventures and projects that we're yet to take on in the year, and how we should also be able to enjoy the rewards of all the hardworking we put in.


Here's a hopeful message of achieving one's goals in 2022 and making the best out of the year. I've used a chocolate iced cake as a base and the theme is constructing it, ground up. 

Creative Direction

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design & discussions

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