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About The Founder

Hi. I'm Niharika Mavuri, a Set Designer & Graphic Designer based in New Delhi and Bombay, India working on set design, visual identities, editorial design and branding.

I have studied Fashion Communication from NIFT, Mumbai. I graduated in 2020 and have gained an experience of 3 years over the time.


I am passionate about the nitty gritty details and I am someone with a strong work ethic with a keen eye for design. I look forward to bringing this fresh perspective and a splash of my creativity to the table with everything that I do.


My skill set includes set styling, prop sourcing, in depth research work, organising, floor plans and mood boards, softwares like Adobe Suite, MS Office and 3ds Max.

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Why Very Melanin?

Very Melanin started out as a college assignment and I was determined about addressing the deep rooted colourism issue in our country. So, I started an online platform to voice my journey with it and encourage people to embrace 'Brown is beautiful'.

Fast forward to 2020, I realised to really create a difference, I need to contribute in a way that actually reaches the masses and create change from within the industry that actually has perpetuated this culture for years.

With each of my works, I intend to empower inspiring brand stories and content that makes a difference all the while promoting brown owned brands! 

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Very Bold

Creative Direction

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design & discussions

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